Kiri Jones enjoys telling people that if it weren’t for a roller skating incident accidentally fracturing both arms, she may have never launched her career as an artist.


She spent six weeks of recovery one finger typing and sharing her colourful artworks online as a form of distraction.


Always artistic growing up, Kiri has taken opportunities to learn new art techniques through secondary education, night classes and self directed study.


It was the birth of her second child, born with a genetic condition which required long nights awake observing night feeds that provided Kiri with the time and inspiration to pursue her artistic vision.


“I realised I can’t control everything in life. I was taking my ability to create for granted. I refuse to waste another moment not making the most of my chance to make art.”


Kiri’s recent series ‘Inanga’ celebrates colour, nature and pattern. “The artworks are highly detailed but very playful, I don’t think art has to be serious, why not have fun with it!” Kiri says.


Kiri lives in the Waipa district in New Zealand with her family, their pet border collie dog and far too many chickens.

Trillian with glasses.jpg
My good girl Trillian looking super cool (yes a Douglas Adams reference!)