Handcarved woodcut print of two New Zealand native Kaka Parrots in the shape of a heart.

Edition almost sold out, hurry if you want one.


Great gift for someone your love. 'Aroha Nui' is a maori word meaning 'much love' or 'deep affection'.


Originally I carved this for the 'Pressed for Cash' exhibition to help raise money for the Waikato Society of Arts printmakers room. I sold all three copies I donated in that exhibition and that gave me the confidence to give this art career a go!



Name: 'Aroha Nui Kaka'

Medium: Flint Waterbased Printmaking Ink on Fabriano Rosapina Printmaking Paper

Paper Size: 14cm x 21cm

Edition Info: A limited edition of only 30 prints in total. Nearly sold out.

Info: All hand carved, woodblock print editions are hand made and printed by me on my printing press. I sign and number each print e.g. (3/230 = the third print of a total edition size of 230 prints). I also write the year it was created and it's name.

This print was made using one key block (black).

Availability: Available $55 NZD



Aroha Nui Kaka - Limited Edition Woodblock Print

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $55 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)

    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.

  • Framing Details:

    Possible bespoke framing available for  this unique design, email me directly to discuss different possibilities if you are seriously interested.