Buy this Crayfish/Lobster Art Print for dad! Magnificent psychedelic colour schemes. A totally light-hearted design that screams summer fun and makes an amazing wall art print.


Here in New Zealand, we mainly call them Crayfish, they're also known by their Maori name: Kōura. They're found here in both fresh and salt water environments.


When I was growing up the salt water Crayfish were abundant and you could catch your own to eat over your summer holiday at the beach. They really are an iconic image of the classic New Zealand summertime.


This artwork 'Crayfish' was hand painted with water colours and detailed with indian ink. I've then digitally enhanced the image in photoshop.



Name: 'Crayfish' (Giclee print reproduction)

Medium: Archival pigment printing (A.K.A. giclee printing) using the latest Epson fine art printers and Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival inks.

Paper Size: A4 or A3

Info: All giclee print reproductions are handsigned by me before they are packaged and shipped and have an accompanying certificate of authencity.

Availability: Available A4 $50 NZD or A3 $65 NZD


Crayfish - Fine Art Print

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  • Framing Details:

    Possible bespoke framing available for  this unique design, email me directly to discuss different possibilities if you are seriously interested.