Stylish Art Print of a closed circular helix. Available to buy as an impressive A0 sized print.


Geometric pink and brown design that would look magnificent in the top architecturally designed home interiors.


I am fascinated with the artistry in science and nature, especially when you uncover beautiful simplicity. I wanted to bring science and nature to art.


During the process I was thinking about the conical shape of the nets that can be used to catch thousands of little Inanga fish. Imagine a tornado, this is a conical helix. I thought about water creating a helical movement within the net and the fish being carried along it and tried to portray this in my imagery.


This lead on to exploring a closed circular helix. I manipulated the colour, the shading and also the positioning of the small fish to swim in opposing directions to create a 3 dimensional effect.


‘Magnitism’ is a circular helix, we see  helices in DNA. This series has really allowed me to shine a spotlight on the simple beauty of geometric shapes and mathematical patterns that are in our natural environment. It’s fun to appreciate this beauty, but what I think is more important is our quest to use scientific methods to grow the knowledge we can glean from nature and acting on what we learn.



Name: 'Magnitism' (Giclee print reproduction)

Medium: Archival pigment printing (A.K.A. giclee printing) using the latest Epson fine art printers and Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival inks.

Paper: 210gsm Smooth, Matte Finish Paper (Acid-Free, Natural white).

Image Size: 58cm diameter

Paper Size: A0

Info: All giclee print reproductions are handsigned by me before they are packaged and shipped and have an accompanying certificate of authencity.

Availability: Available $250 NZD

Magnitism - Fine Art Print

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $250 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)
    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.


  • Framing Details:

    We make a bespoke wooden circlular frame to perfectly fit this artwork.


    The exterior diameter is 80cm, interior diameter approximately 61cm to jut up against the image.


    Width: 18mm thick.

    No mat board required.

    Acid-free foam backing board.

    Glass 3mm.