New Zealand Common Skink original watercolour painting by artist Kiri Jones. This stand alone artwork was inspired by the beautiful skinks in my backyard & wood pile.


We sometimes spot a lovely native common skink but more often than not, we find a Plague skink from Australia (also known as a Rainbow skink due to it's iridescent rainbow-like or metallic sheen in bright light).


Unfortunately the Rainbow skink is a pest here in NZ and contributes to declining native skink numbers. It is very difficult to tell the native Common skink apart from the Rainbow skink.


Name: 'NZ Common Skink'


Medium: Water Colour Paint & Indian Ink on Archival Paper

Image Size: 27cm width x 18cm height

Paper Size: 30cm width x 21cm height

Availability: Available $400 NZD

NZ Common Skink

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $400 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)
    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.


  • Framing Details:

    Possible bespoke framing available for  this unique design, email me directly to discuss different possibilities if you are seriously interested.