Pink Fish Heart!

If you love fishing or love a fishing mad person this heart would be the perfect artwork gift.

You can’t take life too seriously when displaying a pink heart made up of tiny little pink Inanga (Whitebait) fish.


I created this artwork using watercolours and ink for my own simple pleasure. Visualising tiny Inanga swimming side by side and merging vibrant pink shades was really enjoyable. A light-hearted take on a classic symbol.


This artwork was best summed up by an artist/poet I know named Rose Northey who said “The world needs more shapes made out of pink fish.” Rose is an amazing illustrator and has the most hilarious descriptions of her artwork. You should check her out at Rose's Instagram Page.


My art is about colour, nature and pattern. ‘Fish Lovers' is part of a series called 'Inanga' based on our native New Zealand Inanga.


A distinct, varied and playful series of highly detailed artworks created using watercolour paints and indian ink.



Name: 'Fish Lovers' (Giclee print reproduction)

Medium: Archival pigment printing (A.K.A. giclee printing) using the latest Epson fine art printers and Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival inks.

Image Size: 22cm width x 20cm height

Paper Size: A3

Info: All giclee print reproductions are handsigned by me before they are packaged and shipped and have an accompanying certificate of authencity.

Availability: Available $65 NZD

Fish Lovers - Fine Art Print

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $65 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)
    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.


  • Framing Details:

    We make a bespoke wooden circlular frame to perfectly fit this artwork.


    The exterior diameter is 48cm, interior diameter approximately 28cm to jut up against the image.


    Width: 18mm thick.

    No mat board required.

    Acid-free foam backing board.

    Glass 3mm.


    Images of the work framed are to give an indication only, the actual width may vary a little, reference your ruler with the measurements outlined to gauge the actual width.