A huge wave of over six hundred tiny fish in beautiful bright colours washes over the paper.


An impressive artwork when hanging on the wall from a distance but also highly detailed up close.

This vibrant watercolour painting is just HUGE.


It represents a journey, a passage through time, physically or metaphorically and the aftermath.


It was a bit of a marathon to make. It’s a unique watercolour and indian ink painting that is part of my INANGA series and will appeal to people from all walks of life.



Name: 'The Passage'

Medium: Water Colour Paint & Indian Ink on Archival Paper

Image Size: 84cm length x 40cm height

Availability: Available $2000 NZD


The Passage

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $2000 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)
    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.


  • Framing Details:

    Possible bespoke framing available for  this unique design, email me directly to discuss different possibilities if you are seriously interested.