This wave of fish artwork is a lively painting, full of vivid rich colours and would brighten any room.


The original artwork was created in a much larger size. It represents a journey, a passage through time, physically or metaphorically and the aftermath. Just like the challenging journeys these little Inanga fish face throughout their lifetimes.


I made this mini version because I thought it would look cool on a t-shirt as well. So whether you prefer an artwork on the wall or one you wear proudly on your chest, this bright design will hopefully accompany you as you travel your own awesome journey!



Name: 'The Passage' (mini)

Medium: Water Colour Paint & Indian Ink on Archival Paper

Image Size: 30cm width x 16.5cm height

Availability: Available $400 NZD

The Passage (mini)

  • Purchasing Options:

    Total of $400 NZD (Unframed & excluding freight costs)
    Credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted.


  • Framing Details:

    Possible bespoke framing available for  this unique design, email me directly to discuss different possibilities if you are seriously interested.