Bespoke Circle Frames

I make my own bespoke circle frames! I have some standard sizes that fit my originals and prints but I also sell the frames on their own too.

Ask me for a quote if you need a specific size to fit your needs. I can make customer diameters. Contact me below to discuss.

Why? Circular artworks NEED circular frames.

I make a lot of circular artworks and I found it very difficult to source wooden circular frames the sizes I needed. So I researched and tried making my own. Depending on the size, I make some of the wooden frame by hand and some using a CNC machine. I support local Hamilton businesses to source any materials, skills and labour. 100% New Zealand made.

Wooden Circle Frame Art - Kiri Jones.jpg
Wooden Circle Frame - Kiri Jones.jpg

Circle Frame Specs

I use an untreated pine plywood that is produced from sustainable resources. 18mm wide. I usually choose a golden, rimu coloured stain and a satin varnish but I can adjust this if you want your frame customised.

The frame is then taken to my local glazier and they cut each piece of 3mm glass to fit each frame for an accurate, tight fit.

How to Order

If you want one of my standard sizes you can order these through my shop here.


If you want a custom size or detail, please email me or complete the form below.